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As the government pushes forward with its current metropolitan changes and strategies, Sydney is undergoing a monumental period of land and property acquisition. Road and transport networks are needed to assist in the metamorphosis to Sydney’s Three Cities plan with the Department of Transport leading an unprecedented amount of property acquisition plans across the city. […]

“Dead Cat Bounce” Heard of it?

I was discussing the current spike in the real estate market with friends who have recently sold and wanted some advice on whether they should jump straight back into the market and buy.  They were concerned that the market (which has been lagging for the past few years) was spiking upward and they were afraid […]

Sydney – The gap is widening!

Eighteen months ago I started gathering information from Domains property research in an effort to better understand the current market situation. I listened to many industry and financial experts discuss this information and make seriously inaccurate statements about the condition of the Sydney market place. The discussion in property has been based around the medium […]

“TAX RELIEF” or is it ???

Housing is now officially the number one industry in Australia.  It employs directly, or indirectly, one in four people in Australia, is the number one income source (through taxation) for our governments and a prominent reason our economy continues to thrive. Now it looks like the Turnbull government is about to reward us with more […]

Strata Renewals Process – Does Majority Rule?

  Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 The introduction of the Strata Schemes Development Act (2015) has been met with a fanfare of support by many Strata lot owners.  The changes make it possible for older obsolete buildings to make way to more modern and higher density development. The Act generally requires development proposal to be […]

Easements – What you should know

The issue of an easement can provide a headache for most property owners when you don’t understand the rules.  Most are not aware that providing an easement today is mostly required by law, much like organising a fence with your neighbour. Legislation is in place to ensure that easements that are deemed necessary are no […]

Land Valuation and “My Castle”? Not anymore!

Sydney Land Valuation is affected by a mammoth number of public projects underway and there’s nothing to cheer about due to NSW forced land resumptions read below. NSW forced land resumptions are leaving many households shattered When Darryl Kerrigan won his historic case viewers clapped and cheered. In Sydney today with the mammoth number of […]

“It doesn’t make sense”

By Peter Karvon – November 2016 From the above Auction clearance table (Auctions are the true market indicator), it seems that we have some interesting contradictions that must have some basis for explanation – however given the clearance rates and current real estate talk, it makes no sense! I like to keep in touch with […]