Land Valuation and “My Castle”? Not anymore!

Sydney property valuer

Sydney Land Valuation is affected by a mammoth number of public projects underway and there’s nothing to cheer about due to NSW forced land resumptions read below.

NSW forced land resumptions are leaving many households shattered

When Darryl Kerrigan won his historic case viewers clapped and cheered. In Sydney today with the mammoth number of public projects underway, there’s nothing to cheer about.

NSW forced land resumptions are leaving many household shattered and burnt with the Government able to run rough shot over the valuation process.  More often I am hearing of property owners who are not being justly compensated by means of legislated methods that require an expert assessment to argue the case successfully.

Unfortunately those with the experience to argue your case with the Valuer Generals Department or in Court (who is the final arbitrator) are quickly being retained by the Government.  This excludes them from being available for the land owner.

Unfair, possibly so. This is only one method the government uses to dispossess people from their home or asset.  It is in desperate need of review and has been the focus of many Land Acquisition matters in Court over the past three decades.  It has been under review since 2013 and was only recently introduced to Parliament with many of the recommendations either ignored or watered down.

“The Just Terms” Land Acquisition Act 1991

Initially drafted to provide “Just Terms”, it appears to favour one side and not the other.  The Valuers General department clearly understands the current climate and regime which governs Land Acquisition and Resumption in NSW.  It is a myriad of interpretations set through legal precedents established by the courts over the period of the Legislation.  These principles fair or unfair rely on judgements at the time and the judgments rely heavily on the Valuer who attends the matter.  “You don’t have to be right, just win the argument.”

Knowing how the system works and having the right people working for you is how you win your case in valuation and in life.

So if I had the chance. I’d like to say to Darryl, nowadays “They are Serious”.