Sydney Property Valuers

Karvon Property Partners has over 50 years experience in property matters and are specialist Sydney property valuers.

Providing expertise in a range of areas with a degree of market understanding that will guide our clients, as well as providing market data.

Our valuers are members of the Australian Property Institute and the Planning Institute of Australia and are Certified Practising Valuers (CPV).

 Sydney Property Development

Karvon Property Partners provide independent assessments and advice on all property investment and development matters.

We have over 35 years experience in dealing with Stakeholders, Council and Consultants to provide an outcome that will achieve optimum profitability.

We arrange Joint Ventures (JV) and financial strategies to suit all situations.


Karvon Property Partners are your go to for reliable BASIX and NatHERS assessments

We provide BASIX certificates for any residential projects in NSW and NatHERs certificates Australia wide.

Our accredited ABSA assessors also provide the NatHERS / Thermal comfort simulation certificates separately where the client prefers to do their own BASIX Certificate.

Sydney Property News, Blogs and Articles

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The great pandemic of 2020 has created more questions than answers, I’d like to look at how it affects property. We have seen the world brought to ground by the isolation and closing of borders.  In Australia we are in the enviable position of being an isolated country with a good government which has provided […]


As the government pushes forward with its current metropolitan changes and strategies, Sydney is undergoing a monumental period of land and property acquisition. Road and transport networks are needed to assist in the metamorphosis to Sydney’s Three Cities plan with the Department of Transport leading an unprecedented amount of property acquisition plans across the city. […]

“Dead Cat Bounce” Heard of it?

I was discussing the current spike in the real estate market with friends who have recently sold and wanted some advice on whether they should jump straight back into the market and buy.  They were concerned that the market (which has been lagging for the past few years) was spiking upward and they were afraid […]

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