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As the government pushes forward with its current metropolitan changes and strategies, Sydney is undergoing a monumental period of land and property acquisition. Road and transport networks are needed to assist in the metamorphosis to Sydney’s Three Cities plan with the Department of Transport leading an unprecedented amount of property acquisition plans across the city. […]

“Dead Cat Bounce” Heard of it?

I was discussing the current spike in the real estate market with friends who have recently sold and wanted some advice on whether they should jump straight back into the market and buy.  They were concerned that the market (which has been lagging for the past few years) was spiking upward and they were afraid […]

Will Banks have their revenge?

Australia’s Royal Commission into Banking has been long overdue most people would agree.  The nature of financial lending has evolved dramatically since its deregulation in the mid 1980’s. The competition and growth of second and third tier finance providers, together with the demands from their shareholders, forced banks into areas and diversification that were, to […]

Housing correction forecast for 2016

Almost all major markets are likely to become oversupplied during 2016, a leading forecaster has claimed.BIS Shrapnel managing director Robert Mellor told Mortgage Business, REB’s sister title, that Sydney is likely to be the only capital city that remains undersupplied at the end of 2016.

China capital restrictions to hit market segments

AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver said real estate agents could start to see the effect of greater regulation from Beijing, which could curb the flow of capital into Australian property markets.

Chinese Banks Look to Shadow Banking for Growth

BEIJING—Bad loans and new risks are piling up at China’s banks, as some of its biggest lenders combat weak profits by increasing investments in shadow-banking products that analysts say could worsen their financial position should market conditions deteriorate.


It’s amazing the influence and strength of media to accelerate what has been obvious to many for some time. Property like gravity and history has the same principles. Contrary to some beliefs that this one will be different – the higher you throw the rock the further it falls to earth.

API and SIBA joint submission Crown Lands Legislation White Paper 2014

This joint submission to NSW Trade and Investment, Crown Lands (T & I) has been prepared by the Australian Property Institute, NSW Division (API) and the Spatial Industries Business Association, NSW Regional Management Group (SIBA), as part of ongoing joint collaborative research efforts and dissemination of factual and dispassionate information about property rights and spatial [...]