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The great pandemic of 2020 has created more questions than answers, I’d like to look at how it affects property. We have seen the world brought to ground by the isolation and closing of borders.  In Australia we are in the enviable position of being an isolated country with a good government which has provided […]

“Dead Cat Bounce” Heard of it?

I was discussing the current spike in the real estate market with friends who have recently sold and wanted some advice on whether they should jump straight back into the market and buy.  They were concerned that the market (which has been lagging for the past few years) was spiking upward and they were afraid […]

Will Banks have their revenge?

Australia’s Royal Commission into Banking has been long overdue most people would agree.  The nature of financial lending has evolved dramatically since its deregulation in the mid 1980’s. The competition and growth of second and third tier finance providers, together with the demands from their shareholders, forced banks into areas and diversification that were, to […]

Easements – What you should know

The issue of an easement can provide a headache for most property owners when you don’t understand the rules.  Most are not aware that providing an easement today is mostly required by law, much like organising a fence with your neighbour. Legislation is in place to ensure that easements that are deemed necessary are no […]

Sydney Property Market – “Nothing To Crow About”

Collecting data on the residential Sydney property market is an interesting exercise that vindicates Donald Trump’s view of “Fake News”.  It appears that in order to extract accurate information you need to review data for the past six months rather than weekly as provided by the media and property based reporters who call themselves economist. […]

Surviving the Residential Property Market

By Peter Karvon – December 2015 How interesting are the moods and attitudes of the property pundits. When things are good they can never end and when things are bad they will only get worse. Property can in many ways be treated like trading shares, with many losing all gains between down turns and up […]